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Growing up in a home away from home, in a multicultural environment, you can't help but feel your thoughts and reflections wont speak for the majority. Somehow, this majority seems to share the same thoughts, especially in this place I call home, the United Arab Emirates. When this is all over, I ask "what's next?"

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

KAFFIR! DEVIL! PANIC! and Persepolis

We all must've heard of Nessma TV's blunder of airing Persepolis.  I am appalled at the reaction which could have been more civil.

I have watched Persepolis, my dad works in media content monitoring, and I tell you this movie was not offensive to the point you have to break into the building and harass the staff about it!

And for the most part the scenes where "God" appears, are 3, all of which are crucial to the plot development and especially to the girl in some important stages of her life, and naturally blend into the story, especially when the first depiction appeared in the protagonist's dream as a child. I believe we all as kids imagined what God would have looked like one way or another!

And I can see the relation that Nessma Tv probably saw fit at the time to link the Iranian revolution and the Tunisian one that lead way to bigger things in the middle east. And it probably saw fit also that  it was in french and with Muslim issues.

It could have been avoided if Nessma simply bothered to freeze the screen at those scenes right before "God's" appearance, and just leave the voice. Leaving the task of finding the deleted scenes to the smart Tunisian public who CAN accept and interpret it artistically.

I believe most of the rage was due to the fact many people failed to understand that Persepolis is NOT (like many other animation) for kids. But I think it's a valuable addition to animations that you must see!

Then again, we are the same people who claimed Pokemon is Zionist (embarrassing era I tell you...) and accused everything coming from America to be a plot to kill our precious precious fertility.


Why can't we get over these thing and start looking where it REALLY matters?
Like rationally answering religion-related questions without condemning the inquisitive one to hell... Kids grow up with double standards out there (I admit I am guilty of some of that too), they pay attention to stupidest of things and pretend to not acknowledge the big misconceptions created for society's convenience.

Or teaching our kids it's OKAY to be of different genders, and that eventually you'll have to live with the opposite gender and have offspring with them, therefore you have to start right and learn to accept and respect them. (I'm looking at you, male-kind!) And not segregate them like some kind of contagious disease.