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Growing up in a home away from home, in a multicultural environment, you can't help but feel your thoughts and reflections wont speak for the majority. Somehow, this majority seems to share the same thoughts, especially in this place I call home, the United Arab Emirates. When this is all over, I ask "what's next?"

Monday, April 11, 2011

Paloma Faith!...and my birthday..and stuff..

So I made it to the Womad 2011 and I got to see Paloma Faith LIVE <3
Her entrance was quiet, yet remarkable!
It was cute that she passed those helium balloons to a security guy and told him to pass it around, I naturally jumped right in the middle and snatched one that is laying flat in my room, I'll wait a little before I write the date with a marker on it. But what Got to me was how passive everybody was!!
Don't you hate when you're the only enthusiastic voice in a whole lotta people? You know.. Going "Woo!" when you know a favorite song is coming up? Eh.. I really wanted an autograph! >_<

I still think she put some remarkable outfits out there!!
 She's also fast O_o I mean she just ran backstage somewhere and...
I absolutely loved the arm accessories on this one!! 

And ran back out in this!<3
I love how her attitude reflects the same energy coming from her songs!
All in all I am glad I went there, hopefully I'll successfully cling next time and get an autograph.

Also ... My 25th birthday was yesterday, not cool....


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