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Growing up in a home away from home, in a multicultural environment, you can't help but feel your thoughts and reflections wont speak for the majority. Somehow, this majority seems to share the same thoughts, especially in this place I call home, the United Arab Emirates. When this is all over, I ask "what's next?"

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Conveniently numb

This is probably one of my less cheerful posts, but I feel we all relate to this idea.(of course heavily inspired by one of my favorite songs "comfortably numb".

We read miles and miles of papers about how some people just let go of their dreams to regret and reminiscence about them in the later years, but deep down inside, didn't they just do it willingly because they were somehow afraid of success and the devotion it would require? Not to mention try and take pride in the current achievements (that are mostly natural results for the lifestyle took up?). The bitterness will linger, because they will see the life that they ended up taking is the reason why they gave up on what they could have become.

Others managed to block the negative thoughts out completely, but that doesn't mean it's a good thing... They block emotions and passions that were once the reason they got up in the morning, they turn into zombies, living the same day over and over, talk about the same topics, complain of the same things, heavens forbid you don't want to stand out! No matter how human will that make you!

It sickens me how we're all enslaved to convenience. It's not even that comfortable!

I don't even know how this even came to my mind... you can move along now!


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