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Monday, March 7, 2011

Another day another nail

I have been cursed with the inability to ignore stressful events, instead I have this amazing ability to find things to constantly worry about, of course with great powers comes a great responsibility which is to ruin my fingernails! (HA! Bet you don't have this superpower..!neenerneneeener!)

okay.. so my hands look hideous, and I wish I can go and buy some nailpolish, like...bright colorful ones! Eh.. as you can see from exhibit A (below), any attempt to apply bright colors on such length (and circular shape) will result in an uncanny resemblance to m&ms and fails to have the same appetizing appeal. 
Exhibit A (or U for UGLY!)
 What I really want is to go to a nail salon and have my miserable nails done! With nail art.. I secretly loathed it because I couldn't do it! *deep sigh*
As you can notice Exhibit B (above...lol gotcha..! *avoids shoe*)
Exhibit B (yup..beautiful T_T)
Motivations? What about big events you ask? ( I'll still assume you did...) so I went to Nails salon in Abu Dhabi Mall and booked an appointment one day before my sister's wedding! Yup, fake nails, I gotta admit they were appealing, and made my hands almost look normal!
I didn't feel too adventurous and was already patting myself on the back for making such a drastic move so I skipped the nail art.
Feast your eyes on exhibit C!
Exhibit C (And I fell in love with my fingers)
Isn't it efficient? Isn't it beautiful? Well, I wish someone told me they're heavy. I mean it didn't stop me from my regular bathing and showering, problem is they came off three weeks later. (The beautician did tell me to be careful with hot water and stuff...but my Algerian side knows better than to take cold showers-but that's for another post!)
I then gave up.. I managed to grow them for a while, then come examination period. Hurray! An actual reason to stress out! I chomped through them like pacman would wakawaka his way across the maze.

Maybe...I'll start again.


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