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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Skype: It's like you're with me..for our wedding?

So as I was having my morning coffee and doing my work (which consists of skimming through online articles related to the UAE), some irrelevant news manage to interest me.
like this particular article on  The Huffington Post.

The first couple is quite understandable, they were together and couldn't fly back home for their wedding, the second couple however, left me skeptical. So the guy is in the hospital with lung infection, and his bride to be miss Oh (maybe short for"Oh what have I done?") but yeah maybe its just me, but I guess lots of people in the US will do it for media coverage.

Naturally a Skype wedding with the bride and groom apart is bound to be more celebrated than if bride simply flew to his hospital in California (assuming she absolutely couldn't wait for him to recover), I mean, how fatal is lung infection compared to a dying cancer patient, in terms of attracting media attention?

When I skype I barely care about my upper half. I could be wearing a potato sack for pants for all I care.. Maybe the bride opted for financial efficiency and skipped the bag and shoes.
Did the all the bridesmaids fit into the camera frame? Did the priest Skype from the local Church as well?

I don't know about you guys but if I show this to my gran in Algeria she'll say something like "pfft..May God block that cave you crawled out from!" الله يسد الغار إللي جيتي منه. Pearls of wisdom indeed. I love my grandma, too bad she's in the advanced stage of Alzheimer's now.

What was I getting at is, life gives us precious moments, let's stop ruining them for convenience's sake!


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