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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Religious Hoaxes:They still make (and believe) those?

So as I was peacefully doing my work I somehow ended up surfing one of those many many many arab Forums...

You know..The ones with one HUGE font post and loads of  pictures that are a repost of a repost of a reposted repost? The ones with a single starter post and the rest of the replies are merely variations of "مشـــــــــكــــــــووووووووووووووووووووووووووور على المساهمة!" followed by an even bigger signature usually containing some passive-aggressive statement of how everybody is gonna die for not loving the post writer, and loads of glitter graphic that puts myspace profiles to shame....

In case you didn't notice,I never liked these forums, don't get me wrong, I do go on some of them and I find some good useful info (*cough*still a repost..*cough*). This is all fine and dandy! BUT! What I hate the most is religious hoaxes, whether it's by anti-muslims, Arab athiests or the followers of great jumping god schmockarumba....It remains a darned hoax! Stop reposting it..stop being amazed at it and most importantly stop bashing those who revoke it!  

The one with the Quoran bashing girl-turned-ape-, or the one with the Djinn in a cave, or the friggin' apple with "Allah" on it...well...took them long enough to realize it was a hoax...
Now the post I came accross this morning went something like this ..

قطة تموت وهي محتضنة القرآن
أنهت السيدة أم طارق قراءة القرآن ثم ذهبت إلي المطبخ‏,‏ وحين عادت لتستكمل ما بدأته وجدت قطتها من النوع الشيرازي نائمة محتضنة المصحف الشريف‏,‏ فأبت السيدة أن توقظها وتركتها لتستيقظ وقتما تشاء‏,ثم أخذت تشغل وقتها بترتيب المنزل وعادت بعد أكثر من ساعة لتوقظ قطتها من سباتها العميق‏,‏ وكانت المفاجأة أن القطة ماتت علي شكلها المبين بالصورة‏,‏ فتعجب أفراد الأسرة مما حدث وزاد تعجبهم أكثر حينما أخذوا بالقطة إلي أحد الأطباء البيطريين الذي قام بدوره بالكشف عليها‏,‏مؤكدا أن الوفاة حدثت بشكل طبيعي‏ ..!!

The story in short is, "This cat died embracing the Quoran!" And it states how the cat died of natural cause...etc etc. Does this look like a picture you'd take of a dead cat? Unless you have some sick fetish, you wouldn't grab a camera and take this picture at such a photogenic angle!
This certainly made me feel sick, and embarrassed. most likely this is a picture taken by an artist on Deviantart of his\her own pet.
يا أخي لا تفولوا بالشر على القطة المعترة! 
Now that I have gotten this off my chest... feel free to move on. 
If you're still sipping your coffee, care to share your experiences with similar stories?


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